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How To Play Any Song By Ear On The Piano Without Guessing

Playing piano without years of expensive traditional lessons and sheet music is now easier than ever before!

Hi, I am Amos, owner of YouTube Piano Channel - Amosdoll Music, and I am here to take you through the same tricks, methods and practise exercises that has allowed me to play over 1000 videos of songs within 1 year without the use of sheet music nor guessing and checking.

For some of you reading this, you may already have a few years of music experience, or some of you may even have little to no music experience, but that doesn’t matter…

The main reason you are here is because you have a lot of songs that you always love listening to, and want to play them on the piano too but you just don’t know how to do it without sheet music or without spending a long period of time trying to match the song notes by guessing.

For a music lover like you and me, I know exactly how miserable it feels to be unable to play the songs you love listening to because I was in the same position as you a while ago, I felt like I wanted to give up music...

I was so annoyed that traditional piano lessons were so expensive and eventually I also started questioning the usefulness of those teachers.

Save Your Money From Those Traditional Piano Teachers

The traditional teachers never taught me the musical skills that allows you to play what you hear without guessing like a beginner.

Every week, I walk into the 1-hour lesson…

…pay $60-$80…

…play some finger exercises…

…play the same 4 teacher-chosen examination songs using sheet music over and over again for the whole year…

…and back then, when there was a song that I wanted to play, just like you and many others, I firstly tried searching for the sheet music because we were taught no other method by our traditional piano teachers.

Sheet music is not a bad method, but it is limited method…

…especially when there is no sheet music available for a specific song you want to play.

This is the same concept as a tracing artist who ONLY knows how to draw by tracing would be struck down if there is nothing to trace.

To master your art, you must learn how to draw without tracing guides, just like how you must also learn another helpful method which allows you to play the piano without sheet music guides.

This helpful method is my method of what I like to call the...

Ear Mastery Method

This Ear Mastery method leverages on the core structure of songs that you love to hear being formed by 2 main things called...

Melodies And Chords

In short, whether a song has lyrics or not, melodies are the main singing-out lines, and chords are the other harmony notes in the background supporting the melodies.

Ear Mastery can be thought of as a shortcut on both time and money for you because it contains over 10 years of my best personal experiences, tricks and methods used to work out the melody and chords of any song without blindly guessing.

This means you don’t have to spend days, weeks, and months into guessing and checking notes for songs that you love.

And sometimes even when you think you have guessed and matched the right hand melody correctly, you get frustrated and give up as you cannot get the left hand bass note and chords right because you don’t know the secrets behind all songs.

Rather than teaching you WHAT the notes are as a dead object in a song, I teach you WHY the notes are what they are in a song by getting you to truly understand how melodies and chords REALLY work.

Once you know how the art works, no longer do you have to awkwardly answer questions to people asking you at the piano -

“Do you play the piano?”


“Can you play [this song]”

No. (Because there is no sheet music)

“Why not? You’ve learnt piano for [X amount of] years already!”

No longer do you have to be unappreciated because you are not able to show off and play any new popular songs instantly to your friends, family, and most importantly to yourself without needing some kind of sheet music or inefficient and lengthy guess and check sessions.

However, just like the fact where you cannot be the world’s best tennis player just by learning all the best tricks without swinging your racquet and practising it on court…

…It is the same for this Ear Mastery method, where it wouldn’t work if you don’t physically apply all my methods, tricks and shortcuts into the songs you are trying out for yourself on the piano…

…just on my YouTube alone, you can see I have used this method over and over again for thousands of songs.

Persistence & Consistency

Don’t give up on this method after one attempt on your first song, just like how you should not give up tennis after being unable to hit your first ball with the correct forehand form, and just like how you should not give up after slowly completing one maths equation using a new formula you have learnt…

… it is through persistence and consistency of this new piano method that would allow you to achieve the same amount of fun and passion in having the ability to play any song by ear almost instantly at your own will!

I know it could be uncomfortable to switch to something that is not so traditional however...

Unlike many other teachers out there who may teach something they don't really do or understand, these are legitimate lessons and methods that I personally made where I accurately teach the songs using the same ear mastery methodologies that I use everyday.

I preach what I teach!

and most importantly...

I teach you what I preach.

And the piano work that I preach everyday is also endorsed by many other famous musicians!

Don’t just hear me for my word, see what bigger musician celebrities have to say about my work!

Look At Everything Your Ear Mastery Membership Replaces!

One of the greatest benefits from this method is not only the mastery of melody recognition, but it is the mastery of chord recognition because what good would it be if you are only playing the one-note melody line of the song without the background chords?

It would simply sound like an empty song!

Many people struggle on the piano with 2 hands playing together because they do not truly understand how the concept of melody and chords work.

However, since this method is focused on mastering your recognition of melodies and chords, you will not only become amazing at playing by ear, but you will also know how to easily play with 2 hands.

Be The Fisher

You will feel confident and in control because you are able to DO THE FISHING yourself (have the skill to play any song by ear), instead of relying on others to do the fishing FOR YOU (waiting for sheet music availability).

With this ability, you will be musically content and satisfied because you have all the right tricks and tools to work out something for YOURSELF, just like how you get more satisfaction through building your own Lego creations rather than just following a limited manual.

Instead of spending your average day filled with unwillingness to practise the same old 4 examination songs that you don’t like, you will see that spending 10-20 minutes everyday on clearly-explained and done for you ear training exercise will dramatically improve your ear’s ability to recognise patterns in song melodies and chords.

With proper training of this method, you will be able to almost instantly play any song at your own will ; instead of wasting money on classical teachers or wasting countless hours blindly browsing for sheet music that is inaccurate or does not exist.

From other people’s eyes, you will be a superhero because it seems like you have superpowers in being able to play any song they ask you from nothing but listening.

You can finally be the centre of attention and stand out from the crowd because many people relate this skill to “talent”, when it really isn’t talent as there is this proper method where anyone like you and I can learn how to do this without incorrectly guessing and checking.

What You'll Get

My library of best melody and chord recognition exercises for every possible key training you to work out songs instantly just like I do.

My verbal step by step guidance helping you recognize patterns... instead of spending weeks mastering a specific song using sheet music.

Learn the only specific reference songs you need to help you instantly recognize any song melody in any key.

Learn my system on how to properly differentiate between all chords like - major, minor, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, diminished, augmented, suspension and more...

Hours worth of on-demand ear training and practice content that are clearly explained... even someone who has never touched a piano before can understand!

Become the musician with the best ear that you can have and live the confidence to play popular songs of your dreams and of many people's likings at ease.

You also get my 30-day no risk trial period, And My Full Coverage 100% money back guarantee

Here's how it works: Get instant online access to my membership today... so you don’t miss out on all the free bonuses and discounts. Watch the training videos and lessons provided for you, and even test all the free bonuses out for the next 30 days.

If for any reason, you are not 100% sure that this system can or will help you with improving on the piano and broaden your music knowledge, just show me that you have tried it and email me or contact me by phone and I’ll make sure you receive your money back refund (minus handling fees). No questions, no hassle, and no signatures needed. Just a brief phone call or email will get you taken care of.

However, I’m sure you will be satisfied with my methods and lessons. I’ve helped thousands of music enthusiasts just like you in the past few years to achieve exponential success on the piano ranging from classical, pop, jazz, singer-songwriters and producers. As one of the top Piano channels on Youtube with 19million+ views, you can TRUST that I put my reputation on the line with this promise of training you into becoming a better musician. Now there’s no time to waste... and you’ll never become a better player unless you click the button below and test out my methods for yourself.

So if you want to learn the same method on how I play any song almost instantly by ear, then click "ENROL" and get started in this Membership now!

FTC Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and all the evidence and comparisons provided here transformed their piano playing and interest through using my "Mastery Courses" and the Membership systems. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated piano clients and students have done and should not be taken as average or typical results. This means you cannot expect maximum results without practicing, mastering, and implementing all my course methods, tricks and shortcuts into your own piano journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you are in the membership - across any and all devices you own.
Different to my other single-payment products, this is a monthly membership because this contains the library of my best tricks and exercises that will help you achieve the same level of mastery. Think of it as a gym membership where the small periodic payment acts as a sense of motivation to use their best tools to enhance personal development.
Unlike many other traditional teachers or online program out there who doesn't really show proof of their method, I actually preach what I teach; meaning that I use this same method everyday on all the previous thousands of piano covers I have done by ear. In fact, most of the content in this membership is exercise and application based, meaning that I focus on pushing you to the limits into replicating my system and process for achieving ear mastery. No other course comes close to this.
Firstly if you didn't know, good traditional piano teachers charge more than double of this price at $80+ PER HOUR for lessons, and they don't teach any of these things. Secondly, if you think $1.20 per day is too much of an investment to make into significantly strengthening your musical future, you probably shouldn't join. Free lessons are all over on YouTube. I'm 100% serious. If you're not willing to make that investment, then you won't be invested in any other thing I teach. The investment you're making today directly signifies how serious you are needing to change. If it was free, you wouldn't even take it to heart or do anything with the information. That's just the nature of human beings. We work harder when we're invested. (Just like the gym membership I mentioned earlier)
Yes, at ANYTIME you can cancel your membership instantly by going into your profile settings.
It's simple: Just try all my exercises and methods and see for yourself. If it doesn't work, I want you to email me, prove that you have tried it, and I'll refund you 100%. This guarantee is extended for a full 30 days. If you don't love it, just email me at ANY TIME during your musical endeavors and show me you're doing the exercises and not getting results. I'll refund 100% of your price.

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