Welcome To Amosdoll's Technical Music Mastery Membership

Hi there, if you are a private student of mine in Australia (or skype) doing specific graded exams from AMEB / ABRSM / Trinity, then follow the guidelines I set in your specific grade notes with the corresponding technical exercises (from my emails).

If you are an online member and want to kickstart your musical training journey straightaway without contacting me, then follow the order of the list where I purposely grouped each technical exercise together as they are because this is the easiest way to learn them all whilst being able to apply them to your play-by-ear improvisations. (Try to figure out why they are grouped that way yourself before asking me for help)

If your video lessons are loading too slowly, then trying right clicking the video to change it down a lower resolution from 800p down to 600p or 400p.

Don't do more than 1 group of exercises each day (just like gym) because you won't get the best benefit out of it as the exercises won't really go into your head if you do too many of them without really thinking about it, understanding how it works to your fingers, and memorizing the patterns and processes.

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